About FMBC

What we Are:

A group of saved, scripturally baptized believers in Christ covenanted together to carry out the work of the Lord Jesus Christ as set forth in the Bible.

Who we Are:

A Bible believing, fundamental, conservative Baptist church with traditional worship services.

What we Believe:

See our Doctrinal Statements to learn more about the doctrines we believe and teach.

Our Mission:

To be faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ and to carry out the Biblical priorities established for us by the Lord as recorded in the inspired Word of God.

Our Priorities:

The Biblical priorities established by Christ for His church:

  1. Evangelism – sharing the love of God through Christ Jesus by sharing the Gospel with those who are lost.
  2. Discipleship – learning, teaching and doing all things that Christ commanded.
  3. Edification – building each other up and building up our church in the grace and knowledge of the Lord and encouraging one another to faithful service to God.
  4. Stewardship – appropriately managing the things God has entrusted to us, including our lives,
    finances and our church.

Our Goals:

  1. Always remain faithful to Christ in all that we do.
  2. Maintain, support and encourage the current strengths of our church.
  3. Focus on evangelism of families, beginning with the adults.
  4. Build upon our strengths in all areas of evangelism and outreach.
  5. Seek God’s will and guidance concerning the missionary on the field that we sponsor.
  6. Develop, as a church body, a Land Usage and Master Plan for our property and church facilities.